EmbedSocial is a social media aggregator to provide social proof on websites. Selling a software to the global market and a domestic market may not always the same. Here in this article, I’d like to share what I learned through the process that we bring EmbedSocial into the Japanese market.

Customer Segment: end user or agency?

Globally, EmbedSocial have many customers who have their in-house marketing team but in Japan most of the non IT companies outsource their marketing activities. So the main clients in Japan are Advertising Agencies or Web development companies. To be precise, the representative will be sales who directly negotiate with their own clients or web directors who are asked to find a suitable tool for their campaign. People in sales care more about how much benefit they can receive from the marketing campaign using EmbedSocial. Hence, when talking to them, what’s important are price and case studies: what companies are using the software, since they have to explain their client who don’t have much knowledge in IT that this tool is okay to be trusted. The importance of case studies might be a unique to the Japanese market whose society has a strong peer pressure. On the other hand, people in development care more about functions and security; if the software is okay to be actually incorporated in their workflow. So it’s important to talk differently based on what a customer wants and who a representative is.

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Last modified: 2021年1月5日