私たちの最大の使命は、チャレンジングな企業・店舗・小規模事業者の皆様に、ビジネスを盛り上げるための効果的なソリューションを提供し、社会に貢献することです。 また、日欧の架け橋となり、技術交流・ビジネスの共有、新たな国際的なアライアンスを構築することで、関係国の発展に貢献することを使命とし日本の文化や伝統工芸を日本国外に紹介する活動についても、重要なミッションの一つとして掲げています。

Basicmath mission is to contribute to society by supporting impactful companies in their quest to expand their visions on markets outside of their reach. 

The company was founded in Tokyo in 2015. On June 2020, Basicmath founded 36 Chambers in Berlin, Germany to develop deep relationships with European founders. Our vision is to serve as a bridge between Japan,  Europe, and USA by exchanging knowledge, technology, insights, cultural spirits and professional networks. 

Web Integration / PR


We provide a one-stop service for build website to various SNS operations, maintenance and management, various shooting and production, and various operations and productions for online promotion.

System integration


We design, build, operate and maintain AWS servers and design, development, operate and maintain WEB systems.

Internet advertising

Google / Yahooリスティング広告、Facebook、Instagram、Twitter、Line、TikoTokなどのSNS広告、その他各種メディア広告のクリエイティブ制作、広告出稿、運用を行います。

We perform creative creation, advertisement placement, and operation of Google / Yahoo listing advertisements, SNS advertisements such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, TikoTok, and other various types of media advertisements.

SaaS business


We provide Japanese localization, marketing, licensing, sales and user support for Saas systems developed overseas.

Music / Visual Production


We create videos with a top-class network of musicians and a focus on high quality and artistic sensibility.

Overseas In/Out Support


We provide support for Japanese companies to expand their business overseas using our strong partner network, and support for transactions with overseas companies.

Basicmath LLC

133-7 Ushihama, Fussa-shi, Tokyo 197-0024

T. 042.513.7322  


Established: June 2015

Total Team Size : 8

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